Chemitool Equipments

The CHEMITOOL EQUIPMENTS (Division Equipment´s) offers a full range of innovative solutions in different areas such as high pressure washing machines, air compressors, tools and hand equipment (tool trolleys, pallet trucks, stackers, lifting tables), bench lathes, fastening systems, cutting and deburring (SDS Plus drill bits and hole saws).

CHEMITOOL: a complete range of quality products that makes a difference. For the better!

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  • Battery chargers
  • Chemical Productsadd

    Multipurpose Detergent

  • Equipments / Welding Machineryadd

    Mig-Mag Welding

    Oxy acetylene welding

    Plasma Cutting

    Spot welding

    TIG AC / DC Welding

    Welding Electrode Equipment

  • Protection Accessoriesadd

    Welder's gloves

    Welding mask

  • Valvesadd

    Non-Return Valves

    Safety valves

  • Welding consumablesadd

    Tungsten Electrodes

  • Blowtorchesadd

    Cutting torches

    Welding Torches

  • Compressorsadd

    Coaxial Compressors

    Piston compressors

    Screw compressors

  • Pallet trucks
  • Torchesadd

    Air-cooled torches

    Mig-Mag Welding (Wire)

    TIG Welding (Rod)

  • Welding Accessoriesadd

    Acetylene nozzles

    Ceramic Nozzle

    Conical nozzle

    Cutting nozzles

    Pressure Reducing Valves

    Propane nozzles

    Welding cable

    Welding Torch Tester

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