Chemitool Fasteners

The CHEMITOOL FASTENERS (Fastening systems division) offers a full range of innovative solutions. No matter the type of fixing system you need, you 'll find it here. A wide range of fixing products and solutions, will provide to you the solution you need. We are also available to provide a non-standard fixing solution like, stamped, turned and special parts. From A to Z, tunign washers to cylindrical pins, from DIN 1 to DIN 82101, with sizes from M1x2 to M72x600, you will find more than 70000 different products in our wide range of fixing and fasteners products.

With a capacity of more than 11000 pallets of steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon fixing and fasteners we have all the conditions to be your partner in fixing solutions. With a effective internal logistic process complemented by agreements with several estrategic partners, 97% of our clients orders are delivered in the next 24 hours after leaving our warehouse. In reverse, we have choosen a few european partners that allow us to have a quick and effective response to our clients needs. In case of an eventual lack of stock, we are able to deliver it in 2 or 3 days.

CHEMITOOL: a complete range of quality products that makes a difference. For the better!

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  • Anchorsadd

    Brass Expansion Plug

    Drop-In Anchor

    Drywall Drilling Anchor

    Expansion plug 4 Segments

    Frame Anchor

    Hollow Wall Anchor

    Insulation Fasteners

    Nylon Hammerfix Anchor

    Nylon plug for hollow bricks

    Nylon plug with board

    Nylon Plug Without Collar

    Plastic Anchor

    Sleeve Anchor

    Through Bolt Anchor

    Toggle Bolt

  • Headless Screwsadd

    Anchor Bolt (Stone Bolt) DIN 529

    Foundation Bolt LV 033

    Hexagonal Socket Set Screw DIN 913

    Hexagonal Socket Set Screw DIN 914

    Hexagonal Socket Set Screw DIN 915

    Hexagonal Socket Set Screw DIN 916

    Straight Foundation Bolt LV 065

    Stud for Chemical Resin LV 004

    Thread Rods DIN 976A

    Threaded Rod DIN 975

  • Lifting and Tackleadd

    Brandal Turnbuckle

    Cables Lock DIN 741

    Covered Wire Rope

    D-Shackle (Heavy Duty) DIN 82101A

    Eye Bolt

    Lifting Eye Bolt DIN 580

    Lifting Eye Nut DIN 582

    Link Chain DIN 766

    Nautic Turnbuckle

    Quick Link

    Snap Hook

    Turnbuckle Hook/Eye

    Wire-Rope Thimble DIN 6899B

  • Miscellaneous accessories for woodadd

    Camarão Rosca Madeira

    Cavilha para Soalho

    Escápula Rosca Madeira

    Porca de Bússola

    Porca de Móvel

    Ring Bolts Wood Thread

    Tack for Chair

  • PVC Thread Screwsadd

    Pan head self-drilling screws PH DIN 7504N

  • Screws Hexagonal Interioradd

    Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw ISO 7380

    Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw ISO 7380F

    Hexagon Socket Screws DIN 7991

    Hexagon Socket Screws DIN 912

    Hexagonal Soxket Low Head Cap DIN 6912

    Hexagonal Soxket Low Head Cap DIN 7984

    Screw Plugs DIN 906

    Screw Plugs DIN 908

  • Tapping/Drilling Screwsadd

    Countersunk Head Tapping Screw DIN 7982C

    Countersunk Self Drilling Screws LV 021

    Cross Recessed Pan Tapping Screw DIN 7981C

    Hexagon Head Tapping Screw DIN 6928C

    Hexagon Head Tapping Screw DIN 7976C

    Nylon Cover Cap for Hexagon Head Screw

    Pan head self-drilling screws PH DIN 7504N

    Parafuso Autoperfurante Sextavado Br Reduzida

    Parafuso Autoroscante Queijo Fenda Quadrada

    Parafuso Autoroscante Sextavado (cab. nylon)

    Sandwich Panel Screw

    Self Drilling Screw Pan Head PH DIN 7504M

    Self Drilling Screws With Pan Head DIN 7504N

    Self-drilling Screw Hexagonal Beam LV 020

    Self-drilling screw reduced drill DIN 7504K

    Self-tapping screw countersunk head square

    Slotted Pan Head Tapping Screw DIN 7971C

    Tapping Raised Countersunk Head PH DIN 7983C

    Tapping Screw Countersunk Head PH DIN 7982C

    Tapping Screw Raised Countersunk PH DIN 7983C

  • Wood Screw Thread/Agglomerateadd

    Chipboard screw cap with hole

    Chipboard Screw Pan Head PZD DIN 7505B

    Hexagonal Mounting Screw LV 027

    Screw Hexagonal Connection LV 078

    Slotted Round Head Wood Screws DIN 96

    Wood Screw - Tirefond DIN 571

  • Clamps and Clipsadd

    2 Ear Clip Clamp

    Double Super Clamp

    Exhaust Pipe Clamp

    Filtube Clamp

    Gaz Instalation Clamp

    High Pressure Clamp

    Hose clamps

    Lapafix Clamp

    Large Diameter Ventilation Clamp

    Metal rod clamp

    Nylon Grappa with Nail

    Perforated Band

    Pipe Clamp M6

    Pipe Strap Clamp

    Pressure Pipe Clip

    Reinforced Clamp

    Spike Pipe Clamp

    Super Clamp

    U Clamp

  • Hex Screwsadd

    Countersunk Flat Head Screw PH DIN 965

    Hex Head Bolt Partial DIN 960

    Hex Head Screw Total DIN 961

    Hex Structural Bolt DIN 6914

    Hexagon Head Screw Half Thread DIN 931

    Hexagon head screw plug DIN 910

    Hexagon Head Screw Total DIN 933

    Screw Hexagon Head Flanged DIN 6921

    Screw hexagon head with full thread DIN 558

  • Metal Thread Screwsadd

    Clip for Roofing LV 105

    Cold Formed Eyebolt LV 031

    Cold Formed Hook LV 032

    Countersunk Flat Head Screw DIN 963

    Countersunk Flat Head Screw PH DIN 965

    Countersunk Screw DIN 608

    Cross Recessed Pan Head with Collar DIN 967

    Eye Bolt DIN 444

    Fast Fixation Clip

    Foundation Bolt LV 033

    Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolt DIN 603

    Pan Head Screw Cross Recess PH DIN 7985

    Raised Countersunk Head Screw PH DIN 966

    Ring Bolts Flat Metric Thread

    Ring Bolts Round Metric Thread

    Slotted Cheese Head Crew DIN 84

    T-Head Bolt with Square Neck DIN 186

    Thread Rods DIN 976A

    Threaded Rod DIN 975

    Wing Screw (American Type) DIN 316

  • Nutsadd

    Caged Nut LV 073

    Cap Nuts DIN 986

    Hexagon domed cap nut DIN 1587

    Hexagon Nut DIN 6334

    Hexagon Nut DIN 934

    Hexagon Nut for Structures DIN 6915

    Hexagon Nut High UNI 5587

    Hexagon nut with collar DIN 6331

    Hexagon nut with toothed flange DIN 6923

    Hexagon Thin Nut DIN 936

    Hexagon Thin Nut DIN 439B

    Hexagon thin slotted and castle nut DIN 979

    Hexagon Weld Nut DIN 929

    Hexagonal Lock Nuts DIN 980V

    Porca de Bússola LV 011

    Prevailing torque hexagon nut DIN 982

    Prevailing torque type hexagon nut DIN 985

    Rivet Nut Large Head UNI 9201

    Rivet Nut Reduced Head UNI 9202

    Rivet Nut Semi-Hexagonal UNI 9203

    Square Nut DIN 557

    Square Nut DIN 562

    Square Weld Nut DIN 928

    T-Nut for Woodworking DIN 6919

    Wing Nut Rounded Wings DIN 315 (American)

  • Rivets and Pinsadd

    Linch Pin LV 024

    Peel Blind Rivets Dome Head LV 081

    Pliers for Rivet Nuts

    Riveting Pliers

    Speed Rivets

    Split Pin DIN 94

    Spring Cotter for Bolt DIN 11024

    Spring-type straight pin DIN 1481

    Spring-type straight pin DIN 1B

    Structural Blind Rivets

  • Support Systemsadd

    Angled Brackets

    Channel cantilever arms

    Horizontal Brackets

    Perforated Bar

    Profile Bridges

    Vertical Support

  • Washers and Ringsadd

    Conical Spring Washers DIN 6796

    Contact Washer NFE 25511

    Disc Spring Washer DIN 2093

    Flat Washer DIN 433

    Flat Washer DIN 6916

    Flat Washer DIN 9021A

    Locking washer DIN 25201

    Plain Washers DIN 125A

    Retaining Ring for Bores DIN 472

    Retaining Ring for Shaft DIN 471

    Retaining Washer for Shafts DIN 6799

    Rosette Washer LV 009

    Serrated lock washer external DIN 6798A

    Serrated lock washer external teeth DIN 6797A

    Serrated Lock Washer Internal DIN 6798J

    Serrated lock washer internal teeth DIN 6797J

    Spring Lock Washer DIN 127B

    Spring Lock Washer DIN 7980

    Spring Lock Washers DIN 128B

    Square Taper Washer 14% DIN 435

    Square Taper Washer 8% DIN 434

    Thick Flat Washer DIN 7349

    Vulcanized Washer EPDM

    Wave Spring Washer DIN 137B

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