Technical and Acrylic Sprays

Grand Prix

Grand Prix is specialized in the automotive sector and industrial markets with a wide range of technical and acrylics sprays. As a result of long-term experience and know-how, we are fully specialized in the development, production and distribution, currently the leading brand in the aerosols market.


  • Car Spraysadd

    Airco Spray Cleaner

    Belt Spray

    Brake Cleaner Spray

    Carburettor Cleaner Spray

    Power Brake Cleaner

    Quick Start Spray

    Wheel Spray Paint

  • Paint Spraysadd

    Fluorescent Paint Spray

    Hammerfinish Paint Spray

    Heat Resistant Paint Spray

    Metallic Paint Spray

    Spray Acrylic Paint

  • Surfaces Treatment Spraysadd

    Stainless Steel Spray Paint

    Zinc Repair Spray Paint

    Zink Spray Paint

  • Cleaning Spraysadd

    Cleaning Spray Polyurethane Foam

    Contact Cleaner Spray

    Industrial Cleaner Spray

    Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Universal Detergent Spray

  • Sprays Food Industryadd

    Chain Spray

    Food Grade PTFE Oil

    Grease Spray

    Silicone Spray Food Industry

    Spray Cleaning Equipment

    Spray Lubrication Equipment

    Ultra Lubricant Spray

    Vaseline Sprays

  • Technical Spraysadd

    Copper Grease Spray

    Cutting Oil Sprays

    Electro Protect Spray

    Impregnation Sprays

    Industrial Chain Grease Spray

    Multi Sprays

    Penetrating Oil MoS2

    PTFE Dry Spray

    PTFE Grease Spray

    PTFE Oil Spray

    Silicone Sprays

    Vaseline Sprays

    Welding Sprays

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